1 Ply Equipped Powerlifting Starter Kit
1 Ply Equipped Powerlifting Starter Kit

1 Ply Equipped Powerlifting Starter Kit

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1 Ply Equipped Powerlifting Starter Kit
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We are proud to offer the first of it's kind 1 ply Equipped Powerlifting Starter Kit
IPF Approved
Retail Value of this kit is $365.50

You will receive the following IPF legal equipment:

(1) F6 Bench Shirt 
(1) Fury Bench Shirt 
(1) Centurion regular or wide stance squat/deadlift suit
1 pair of 2 meter THP, Titanium or Max RPM knee wraps
1 pair of 50cm ( 19 inch) THP, Titanium or Max RPM wrist wraps 

Sizes charts for shirt and suits are at the bottom of the page

We just don't look for the best powerlifting materials and support systems in the world, we create them! Constructed from NXG Super Plus - the strongest, heaviest fabric in the lifting world, created by Titan specifically for powerlifting - the Centurion doesn't pull any punches. But we didn't stop there. We also included our patented built in harness system. The 3cm seams create an anatomically precise harness system for extra support and bigger squats. Not enough? How about state of the art, hi-tech, hi-tensile strength threads that hold incredible loads - up to 10 kg of weight per single looped thread! Then we put that thread to use by incorporating more stitching per square inch than any other suit in the lifting world. This suit's the real deal! Backed by the most outrageous product performance guarantee in the business: 2 years on blowouts and 1 1/2 years on runners!
Available in wide and narrow stance.

F6 Bench Shirt
The IPF approved patent pending F6 is specifically designed for arched benchers, to improve control and increase the potential for bigger benches! Like the Fury, the F6 sleeves are set at a 90 degree angle as you look down the length of the shirt. However, the big difference is in the angle of the sleeves as you look across the shirt. The sleeves on the F6 are set at a forward, tilted angle. As the lifter lies down on the bench and begins arching into position, the sleeves on the F6 tilt back to the optimum 90 degree angle in both planes - and only after the arched position is assumed. This means a lower groove, maximum stroke efficiency, more control and increased power! Features our NXG Plus fabric and a dynamic stretch back. The F6 for arched benchers is backed by an unmatched guarantee that?s as tough as you are: 1 year on blowouts plus an 18 month "No Run" guarantee!

 Fury Bench Shirt
Everything you've ever known about bench shirts will change with The Fury by Titan. Up to now all shirts were reverse engineered off of the same conventional pattern, variations of a common theme. The Fury goes in a completely unique direction. 90 degree sleeve angle. Other shirts use a 45-70 degree sleeve angle. The Fury sleeve angle guarantees more energy storage and bigger benches. With the Titan Fury powerlifters will begin to store energy as soon as they crack their elbows! Hemispherical Sleeve Base Design distributes stress evenly around the sleeve base. Other shirt designs use conventional designs that result in peaked stress points! Stretch Back allows for Lat expansion and better arching. Other shirts use heavy restrictive fabrics that constrict lats and restrict arching. NXG+ Fabric. Other shirts use 1980's technology. NXG fabrics are the most supportive, strongest fabrics in the lifting world. It is virtually tear proof and run proof! Unmatched, unsurpassed! 12 months blowout + 18 months "Run" guarantee (a major cause of blowouts).


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