Super Katana S/S with low cut collar construction
Super Katana S/S with low cut collar construction

Super Katana S/S with low cut collar construction

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Super Katana S/S with low cut collar construction
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Super Katana with the low cut collar construction

All New Unique Features 
 Max Cut Neckline -  ties our Titan Super Collar to the upper inside quadrant of our original double tacked 90-degree Hemispherical Sleeve Base while providing better deltoid coverage

   Energy Storing In-Line Super Collar  runs parallel to the pectoral muscles and ties both 90-degree Hemispherical Sleeve Bases together for the most power that can be generated by a single-ply bench shirt

Chest Panel Integrity - our collar does not simply scoop into the chest panel. That's because every centimeter scooped out of the chest panel reduces energy storage potential and performance. Instead, our design complements and adds to your performance by keeping the chest panel fully intact.
  Contrasting Collar identifies the product at a mere glance.

Existing Super Katana Features:
        Patent PendingTorque Sleeve stores more energy for increased power. Originated and unique to Titan
     90-degree Hemispherical Sleeve Base  - distributes stress and energy storage more efficiently than any other sleeve design. Originated by Titan
        Dynamic Stretch Back makes for easy adjusting and easy on/off application. Originated by Titan
       Double Tack Sleeve Base - the most powerful construction in the lifting world. Originated and unique to Titan

      NXG Super Plus Fabric  - created specifically for powerlifting by Titan, the most powerful fabric in the lifting world. Originated by Titan and available only from Titan.

       Titan Super Collar - created specifically by Titan to absorb more stress and store more energy than conventional designs.

 Maximum Performance
*Warning - This design is recommended for ELITE lifters only! This is not a sales gimmick.

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