Spud Sled Pulling Belt
Spud Sled Pulling Belt

Spud Sled Pulling Belt

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Spud Sled Pulling Belt
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The Spud Inc Sled Pulling Belt is designed to make sled training faster and more efficient. Why use a thick powerbelt that restricts your breathing and pinches your hips when you can use a soft belt that is more versatile. One of the best qualities of the sled belt is how easy it makes transitioning from backward sled drags to forward or sideways sled dragging

The sled belt is great for working on footwork for football players such as linebackers and defensive backs that involve direction changes during pursuit. The sled belt is designed to fit almost any waist size (from the smallest athlete to huge football players).

Diversify your training with the sled belt to take your sled training to a new level.

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