Spud Deadlift Belt Pro Series 3 ply
Spud Deadlift Belt Pro Series 3 ply

Spud Deadlift Belt Pro Series 3 ply

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Spud Deadlift Belt Pro Series 3 ply
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If you love the balance of support and comfort of the Spud, Inc. deadlift belt, then you will love the new Pro Series belt. This belt is designed to provide maximal comfort for deadlifting and squatting, while giving you the option to get the belt as tight as any traditional lever belt. This belt can cut you in half and you will still be comfortable! The Pro Series belt has reinforced stitching to make the belt a little stiffer than the regular 3 ply belt for more support on the heaviest lifts. A small industrial strength ratchet has taken the place of the ring on the front of the belt to crank it as tight as you want.  
4 inches wide. 3 ply thick

Sizing recommendations: 
To find the proper belt size please measure the area on your body where the belt will be worn. 
On most people, this will be the belly area at your belly button. 

Note: Measure the area of the stomach where the belt will be work with a relaxed stomach (not sucked in or pushed out). Subtract 2” from that measurement to find your belt size on the chart. Ex: Belly measures 36” - 2” = 34”, which is in the Large size range.
Small: 25” - 28”
Medium: 28” - 32”
Large: 33” - 38”
XL: 38” - 44” 
2XL: 44” - 50”

Directions for Ratchet Use

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