Spud Nylon Deadlift Belt 2 and 3 ply
Spud nylon Deadlift Belt

Spud Nylon Deadlift Belt 2 and 3 ply

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Spud 4 inch Nylon Deadlift Belt
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Spud Deadlift Belts
Available in 2 and 3-ply thicknesses
4 inches wide
The Spud, Inc. 2-ply and 3-ply deadlift belts will be one of the most versatile belts you will ever wear. The deadlift belt is great for deadlifting because it doesn't cut into your hips or stomach at the bottom of a deadlift as a leather belt does. The deadlift belt is also a good overall belt to use on lifts where you need a little extra support like bent over rows or shrugs, but don't need a thick cumbersome power belt. The deadlift belt is made with industrial-strength Velcro that never pops open in the middle of a lift like the cheaper Velcro belts do. If you use this belt once you will be hooked on how easy it is to get in and out of.

How do I choose the right size for me? 

Spud, Inc. belts come in S, M, L, XL, XXL and custom belts are available as well.  To find the belt that fits you best measure the area where the belt will be worn (most commonly at the belly button).  Once you have found your measurement subtract 2” from that number to get your belt size.  EX: Measurement around belly button is 36” around then subtract 2” to come up with 34”, which is a large belt. 

Belt sizing:

Small belts fit 25-28"around belly button

Medium belts fit 27-32" around belly button

Large Belts fit 33-38" around belly button

X Large belts fit 38-44” around belly button

XX Large belts fit 44-50” around belly button

How to Size your Spud Belt


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