Obsidian Original
Obsidian Original

Obsidian Original

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Obsidian Original
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Nothing is worse than buying a new bottle of ammonia only to find out that it's gone flat after only a few weeks. That's why we used high-quality materials and a dash of science to formulate the longest-lasting smelling salts on the market.


While Obsidian is pre-activated and ready to go on delivery with no need to add water, an unopened bottle will remain fresh and potent until you finally open it. Once opened Obsidian will pull moisture from the environment to keep things spicy for up to six months.

No liquids to spill, no water to add, just good sniffs and heavy lifts.


The potency of Obsidian will be affected by cold temperatures.  This is an unavoidable characteristic of the materials used and is common among non-liquid smelling salt. 

Optimal performance can be obtained at room temperature (20°C/73°F)

Manufactured with pride in London, Ontario, Canada

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