how do I measure for a weight belt

What size do I order and how do I measure for a belt?

 You will need a tape measure and take one measurement to get fit correctly.

DO not order a belt based on your pants size. 

This is not the correct measurement of your waist

 When you place the tape around your body concentrate on putting the tape in the area that your belt will be worn.

Remember that if you order a 4 inch belt the belt will take a 4 inch wide path around your body.

 Pull the tape until it just starts to dig into your skin and is snug. 

Each belt manufacturer uses a different size chart.

 Please refer to the chart on the belt page you are looking at for correct sizing. Do not assume.

Try and choose a size where your measurement will be in the middle of the range for that size. 

This will allow for weight fluctuations and clothing thickness.

measuring for a powerlifting belt

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