Chirp 3-In-1 Muscle Roller
Chirp 3 in 1 roller

Chirp 3-In-1 Muscle Roller

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Customize your muscle recovery with the Chirp 3-in-1 Muscle Roller. This ultimate muscle recovery tool features three unique focus wheels and a handle compatible with each wheel, which makes swapping them out a breeze. Each wheel serves its own special purpose - light, firm, and deep tissue massages. Use the wheels with the handle for all-over, easy, and customized recovery.

  • Breaks through facia to restore muscles and reduce pain
  • Stimulates blood flow to deliver fresh energy to your muscles for faster recovery
  • Focused tension release to target knots, large and small

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Usually Ships in 1 business day
Usually Ships in 1 business day
Usually Ships in 1 business day
Usually Ships in 1 Business Day

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