Pro Bench Blokz
Pro Bench Blokz

Pro Bench Blokz

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Bench Blokz - Bench Boards
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Bench Blokz

The Bench Blokz attaches directly to the bar and allows for easy adjustment to accommodate your different "sticking points" in seconds.

Bench Blokz replicates four different "board press" heights in one compact, light weight (<16oz) unit that easily fits in your gym bag! 

Bench Blokz allows you to work on your "sticking points", also know as a "mini-max", without the need for a third "spotter" to hold lumber, strapping boards to your chest, or tucking boards under your shirt. The lifter can actually stay on the bench and make his/her own adjustments. In the case of multiple lifters, there's no gear to trade out or adjust. Simply leave the Bench Blokz in place on the bar and cycle the next lifter through. How easy is that?

Bench Blokz WILL increase your max 1 rep PR by giving you the confidence to handle bigger weight in a shorter range of motion! LET'S GROW!!

BenchBlokz 2,3,4,5 Board- Provides the lifter with a wide range of "sticking point" corrective options in a light weight, easily portable unit.

1 board version is now available

 Now tested to 804lbs. 

Save when you buy both sizes of Blokz as a set

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