Titan Wrist Wrap Comparison

I thought I would start my first blog post with comparisons and my personal review of the Titan Support Systems wrist wraps we carry on LiftingLarge.com . I will review the Max RPM, Titanium, THP and Signature wrist wraps. We receive dozens of questions every week about each wrist wrap and the proper length to use. I will try and cover all these points.

Max RPM wrist wraps:
These in my opinion are the most forgiving and easiest wraps to use for beginners or someone that is looking for a mild support wrap. It has the softest feeling material and is the most pliable of the four types of Titan wraps.  You can keep this wrap on longer and through several sets or the entire workout due to it being more flexible and pliable. Great all-around support but not my personal choice for maximum support under maximum loads. I will talk about the suggested wrap length at the bottom of this entire review

Titanium Wrist Wraps
A step up from the Max RPM, the Titanium wrist wraps provide more support with stronger elasticity and a thicker feeling and bulk. They require more energy to stretch out therefore creating more pressure and wrist support. These are my personal favorite for over 25 years in the Squat and bench press. I used then on all of my 800+ plus squats. 

Titan max rpm wrist wraps

THP Wrist Wraps
Stepping up from the Titanium wraps we find a wrap that is much thinner and much stiffer. I would estimate about the same stretch strength but at a much thinner less bulky feel. Titan states: “A Cast Like Feel” and this is a very correct statement. This is our fastest selling style of Titan wraps. If you watch the World’s Strongest Man contests you will see many of them wearing THP wrist wraps.  The material is rougher and initially a little more grippy therefore allowing it to stay in place on your wrist better. I have found though after about 6 months of use that grippy feel has vanished. This does not take anything away from the quality of the wrap though.

Titan THP Wrist WRaps

Signature Wrist Wraps
These are the king of stiffness, support and thickness. I have not come across a stiffer more supportive wrap from any manufacturer in the last 15 years. It is a true competition wrap. I would not suggest it for the everyday workout. It is extreme to say the least.  If you want your wrist locked up to stop it from moving at all then these are the wraps for you. You will not be able to keep them on between sets though as you will need some blood circulating in your hands to load the bar.

Choosing the correct wrap length for you
12 inch
wrist wraps would be for someone that want a small package when wrapped on your wrist or if you have very small wrist. The support level with only a 12 inch wraps would be the least. Generally only about 1-2 turns around the average wrist. Legal in most powerlifting federations

50cm (19 inch) wrist wraps are an extremely popular length. 3-4 turns per wrist and still not hugely bulky. Much more support than the 12 inch. Legal in most powerlifting federations

24 inch wrist wraps are by far the most popular length we carry. 4-5 turns per wrist on average. Great support but a little more bulky and a person with small wrist may not like the bulk. My favorite for heavy bench press. Legal in most powerlifting federations

30 inch wrist wraps are getting fairly bulky but providing much more support for the large wrist or heavy bench press or squat. These are generally to much wrap for the general powerlifting athlete. If you do have wrist problems then it might work with the added support. Legal in most powerlifting federations

36 inch wrist wraps are the big boy of wrist support. Total wrist coverage with maximum support. 5-7 turns on your wrist. On a personal note I always wore 36 inch wraps for squat as I carried the bar pretty low. Legal in most powerlifting federations

Wearing Wraps
Titan wrap do not come as a left and right set. They are cut the same. One wrap is going to wrap the opposite than the other wraps. Generally speaking if a wrist wrap is manufactured in the USA it will be made this way from most companies. If the wrap has a right and left then it is made overseas in Pakistan or China. Don’t let this cause you concern after a few time using them you will not even notice and you can put either wrap on either hand. Trust me it is not big deal. When putting the wrap on try and curl your hand into the forearm a little and then wrap it holding that position. This will provide much more resistance to your wrist bending it backwards. The more you pull the wrap when putting it on the tighter it will be. Make it a practice to take the thumb loop off after you put the wrap on. Most powerlifting federations will red light you if you wear the thumb loop on the platform .

Titan Wrist Wraps Warranty
Titan warranties these wrist wraps for 6 months from the date of purchase. If the last few years I can only think of 5 or 6 times that we have replaced wrist wraps because of failures. Titan wraps will take a beating and keep performing for you.

I hope this has answered some questions and helped you make an easier decision when deciding which Titan wrist wraps is for you and your training goals.

Mike Adelmann – LiftingLarge.com Owner
Personal Wrist Wrap choices:
Bench press:24 inch Titanium
Squat: 36 inch THP
General use: 50cm Titanium



Date 4/17/2021

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