The Sling Shot Hip Circle 2.0 Red - Mark Bell

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The Hip Circle 2.0 can be used for hip and glute activation/strength as well as dynamic warm up.

This Hip Circle is a made of a stronger material than the regular hip circle and provides greater resistance.

Simply put the circle around your knees and go for a long stride walk. You will not only get your hips and glutes warm, but your entire body. You can fix up your weak and painful "granny hips" by putting on the circle and walking forward, backward, and side to side. You can use it to squat, sumo Deadlift (feet out wide) or while simply walking on the treadmill! Many coaches like Kelly Starrett and Jesse Burdick love using the circle to cue their athletes to force their knees out while squatting and sumo deadlifting.

Hip Circle size chart by bodyweight

Medium Under 150lbs bwt

Large: 151-230lbs bwt

XL: over 230lbs bwt

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