SHOULDERÖK [V3] - Clear Zinc
SHOULDERÖK [V3] - Clear Zinc

SHOULDERÖK [V3] - Clear Zinc

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SHOULDERÖK [V3] - Clear Zinc
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We're proud to introduce the newest upgrade to our world-renowned strength training tool - the ShouldeRök™. With our recent purchase of a very big, very expensive 5-axis mill/lathe machine and the increases in manufacturing capability we have in our new shop space - we've been able to start working on making enhancements to our existing product line! 

The ShouldeRök's head "tail" has always been a flared section of the same tube that makes up it's body, which was then knurled. With our new manufacturing capabilities, we've started using a solid block of steel, machined to a perfect radius that can be used as an IASTM tool much in the same way as our Boomstick or PainPill.
This is a tool primarily designed for athletes (amateur to professional), coaches and practitioners. As a precision loadable tool, the ShouldeRök™ when used correctly will increase strength, mobility, and continuously reinforce our need for core stabilization. The ShouldeRök™ challenges us as athletes, aids in reaching new PRs and most importantly, helps to keep us injury free and strong like Vikings for years to come. Sound interesting? Keep reading and we'll tell you more...

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