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Rumble Roller

Rumble Roller

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Relieve Muscular Pain and Tightness

Throughout Your Entire Body with the Foam Roller

That's Specifically Optimized for SMFR

(Self-MyoFascial Release)

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Common Foam Rollers Compress Soft Tissue

Physical therapists,  trainers, and athletes use foam rollers to relieve muscular pain and tightness (often called "adhesions", "knots", or "trigger points"). But conventional foam rollers have smooth, hard surfaces that further compress soft tissue. Rolling on top of them improves blood flow and tissue flexibility, but the effect is limited and relatively superficial, unless you spend a lot of time rolling.

The RumbleRoller was created to perform this therapy more effectively.

The RumbleRoller Manipulates Soft Tissue - Like a Massage Therapist!

The surface of the RumbleRoller contains 200 specially designed "bumps". The bumps are firm, but flexible, much like the thumbs of a massage therapist.

As you roll over the top of the RumbleRoller, the bumps continuously knead the contours of your body, gently stretching soft tissue (muscle and fascia) in multiple directions. This action erodes trigger points, helps restore flexibility, and brings quick relief to common types of muscular pain. By design, the RumbleRoller's bumps are firmer than muscle tissue, but much softer than bone, so they deflect out of the way if they contact your spine or other bony protrusions.

Through simple techniques, you can control the amount of pressure the bumps apply to your body. The bumps are closely spaced to one another (< 2" apart), so several of them simultaneously contact your body during most exercises. However, with a slight shift of your body, you can reduce your area of contact with the RumbleRoller, which increases pressure and provides deeper, more penetrating relief.

Add Another Dimension to Your Foam Roller Program

The RumbleRoller's massaging action can be further intensified by changing your movement from a back-and-forth rolling motion to a side-to-side rocking motion. That's because the RumbleRoller's bumps have an asymmetrical shape that allows them to flex more easily in one direction. During rolling movements (i.e. the most common roller exercises, with the roller moving beneath you), the bumps flex relatively easily, and provide a wiping-type massage pressure. However, if you rock from side-to-side toward the RumbleRoller's ends, the bumps are forced to flex in a direction in which they're designed to be somewhat (about 30%) stiffer. This creates a deeper "digging" pressure.

This rocking technique nearly doubles the number of ways you can use a foam roller. It's especially effective for penetrating dense tissue like that of your calves, as well as hard-to-roll areas like your upper lats and even your neck. For specific details, please see our Techniques page.

The RumbleRoller Outlasts Conventional Foam Rollers

Before creating the RumbleRoller, we spent years studying other foam rollers, and testing many different types of advanced polymers. Our material research resulted in a product that has several times the strength and tear resistance of conventional rollers, has a wonderful feel, permanently retains its straight shape, and is guaranteed to outlast and outperform any foam roller that you've ever tried.

The RumbleRoller is also water-proof and latex free.

The RumbleRoller Even Protects Against Bacterial Transmission

For the benefit of clinicians and trainers that use the RumbleRoller with multiple clients, we also molded in an antimicrobial additive that stops the growth of bacteria. This antibacterial protection is maintained regardless of how many times the RumbleRoller is used or cleaned.

The RumbleRoller has a smooth, nonporous surface that repels most dirt. Simply wipe it down as needed with soap and water or any common


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