Getting The Most Out Of Your Bench Shirt

We receive emails everyday asking us how to put a bench shirt on, how to adjust it, and how to tighten it up when the weight on the bar increases. We've created a picture by picture instruction on how to properly put on and adjust your Titan bench shirt. You'll see that our model has Titan Slip-Ons covering his arms and Mike has suit gloves on, both of these items decrease both pain and effort for both parties. This page may take awhile to load please be patient, as there is a lot of important information.

We use Titan suit slip-ons to help put the shirt on. You can use garbage bags or nylons but the suit slippers
last longer and work better. Slide the slippers up to the arms pits. Always try to put the shiny side of the slip on out.

Start the sleeve on the arm with the shirt right side out.

When putting on a Titan Fury make sure to align the sleeve seem with the elbow before pushing it on very far. If you require the shirt to be tighter rotate the seam up to the top of the arm before pushing the sleeve on.

When putting on an Titan F6 make sure the sleeve seam is on the bottom of the arm between the bicep and tricep split.

We use rubber coated gloves to make the shirt easier to hold onto and easier on the fingers.
Start by sliding one arm up at a time. Make sure to push with both hands and not to squeeze to tightly just push towards the shoulder.

Slowly work the sleeve on and up into the arm pit.

After the arms are all the way on pull the shirt over the head.


With the shirt just over the head grab the back of one shoulder and pull the arms on even further.
Have the person with the shirt on rotate their arm and reach forward to help get the sleeve on more.

Repeat this with the other shoulder before the shirt is pulled down the body at all.
Again the shirt wearer needs to reach forward and rotate their arm back and forth to get the sleeve on further

After the sleeves are on begin by working on the front of the shirt. Pull it down all across the front.
You don’t need to put a lot of force into pulling it down as that will be done later on.

Work the back down and make sure it is even left to right.

After the front and back are down place your elbow in the side of the shirt and exert
downward pressure while the shirt wearer leans in the opposite direction. Do this on both sides.

At this point make sure that the collar is even side to side.
If it is not the pull from the back of the shoulder towards the spine to even out the shirt.

Have the shirt wearer sit on the bench and hold onto a loaded bar for support.

Working on one shoulder at a time slide your hand in the shirt and into the back of the shoulder.
Pull back as the shirt wearer wiggles his shoulder into the shirt.

Repeat the process on the other shoulder.

Remove the slip-ons by pulling with both hands beginning right at the sleeve. Only pull small amounts as it will be easier to take off.

Also have the shirt wearer insert a finger or two into the sleeve as you pull the slip-ons to help keep the sleeve in place.

Now we begin the process of tightening up the shirt. Pull the back of the neck up and have the front of the shirt pulled down at the same time.

While the back is held up start at the collar and work down to the bottom of the shirt pulling the front and the sides at the same time.


When the shirt is pulled down the desired amount secure it in place with a belt.
Wearing the belt is a MUST when you want the shirt to stay tight. If you don’t like a wide belt get a skinny one.
You must use a belt though!!!!

By pulling the shirt down harder and harder you actually change the tightness of the shirt.

  To tighten the shirt up even more pull both sleeves down towards the elbow and out of the arm pit.
Do this before you start pulling the back up and the front down. This will greatly increase the shirt tension.
It will also drop your bar groove just a little bit lower.

  When put on properly that shirt should be very tight from the collar to the belt. There should be no slack material in that area.
We hope this has helped you with putting on your shirt.
No powerlifters were harmed in the making of this instructional series. Although Chris may be embarrassed because his white bare body is on the internet.

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