Kabuki Duffalo Bar - Zinc Plated
Kabuki Duffalo Bar - Zinc Plated

Kabuki Duffalo Bar - Zinc Plated

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Kabuki Duffalo Bar - Zinc Plated
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Duffalo Bar
The Duffalo Bar has become a staple barbell found in serious weight rooms and training facilities around the world - from garage gyms, to commercial facilities, to the top collegiate/professional sports teams
Proprietary bend encourages proper joint centration and reduces rotational demand on the shoulder
Improves scapular retraction and lat engagement in the press and squat
Manufactured in the United States at Kabuki Strength Lab in Portland, Oregon

The Duffalo Performance Squat and Bench bar is the ultimate bar for squatting and bench pressing, correctly, safely, and for performance. Today, there are thousands of Duffalo Bars located in gyms and S&C facilities all around the world - making it one of, if not THE, most popular specialty bars on the planet. Dozens of professional teams in the MLB, NFL, and NBA have Duffalo Bars in their strength training facilities. We honestly believe that outside of competition, every lifter would benefit from using the Duffalo Bar over a standard barbell. This is a bold claim to make, we know, but we hope you'll continue reading on... 

Our proprietary bends allow for improved scapular retraction and reduces stress on the easily-irritated biceps tendon in the shoulder, while eliminating the counter-productive center peak on similar bars. Reducing this direct strain on the bicep tendon and allowing increased back rigidity + proper joint centration via scapular retraction is incredibly important for strength and injury prevention. Additionally, our bar can improve your ability to generate core stability due to the reduced mobility demands of the shoulders allowing you to avoid excessive spinal extension and maintain neutrality in a back squat rack position . Many athletes and lifters report immediate improvements in their ability to brace and maintain spine neutrality.

The proprietary multi-radius bend of the Duffalo Bar means it can sit on your back in an extremely comfortable and stable manner. Think about it…the back is not flat, it has contours and is round. If you haven’t had the chance to try it, let us know and we’ll find someone close to you to let you take the bar for a spin! But seriously, we’re certain that this is the most comfortable barbell on the planet to have on your back.

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