Titan F6 Bench Press Shirt
Titan f6 bench shirt

Titan F6 Bench Press Shirt

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F6 Tornado Bench Press Shirt
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F6 Bench Press Shirt
Single Ply
The IPF-approved patent pending F6 is specifically designed for arched benchers, to improve control and increase the potential for bigger benches! Like the Fury, the F6 sleeves are set at a 90-degree angle as you look down the length of the shirt. However, the big difference is in the angle of the sleeves as you look across the shirt. The sleeves on the F6 are set at a forward, tilted angle. As the lifter lies down on the bench and begins arching into position, the sleeves on the F6 tilt back to the optimum 90-degree angle in both planes - and only after the arched position is assumed. This means a lower groove, maximum stroke efficiency, more control, and increased power! Features our NXG Plus fabric and a dynamic stretch back. The F6 for arched benchers is backed by an unmatched guarantee that is as tough as you are: 1 year on blowouts plus an 18-month "No Run" guarantee!

 This is a single-ply shirt. If you need a 2 ply shirt Click Here

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