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Evil Twin Powerlifting Gear

Evil Twin Powerlifting Gear
By Titan Support Systems

The Evil Twin would like to introduce the name of its NEW Strongest Single Ply Material on the Market.
 We will be calling the material Evil Twin Skin (ETS). 
Not IPF or USAPL Approved - Please check your federation for approval
As of 6/3/16 it is legal in UPSA, WABDL, NASA
Single Ply 

Evil Twin PSYCHO Bench Shirt

Angled Sleeve version only available

Evil Twin PSYCHO Bench Shirt

Horseshoe Shaped Super Collar:

reinforced collar ties into the sleeve base and then runs straight

across the upper pecs, tying the sleeve bases together to store more

energy and generate even more power

Chest Panel Integrity:

Titan created the 90° hemispherical sleeve base design copied by

all competitors. One of the key components to this design is chest

panel integrity. Unlike, competitor’s designs our super collar

does not scoop (cut) into the chest panel, because every centimeter

cut into the chest panel reduces energy storage and performance.

Instead, our design complements and adds to performance by keeping

the chest panel fully intact and reinforcing it with our Xtreme

Super Collar

Patent Pending Torque Sleeve

Design: only Titan’s line of Katana Bench Shirts features our

world famous torque sleeve that creates additional energy storage

and power.

Double Tack Sleeve Base Seam:

the strongest seam construction in the lifting world

NXG Super Plus:

the strongest material in the lifting world! Others have

tried to copy it, but there is only one original NXG Super Plus.

Stretch Back: originated by

Titan, this makes for an easier and more comfortable fit. Spandex

upgrades available for an even better fit (additional fees apply).

Horseshoe Super Collar

Chest Panel Integrity

Patent Pending Torque Sleeve

Double Tack Sleeve Base Seam

NXG Super Plus Material

Stretch Back

Maximum Performance


– This design is recommended for ELITE lifters only!
This is not a sales gimmick.