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New and improved - an update of one of our all-time best sellers. All the benefits of the classic sled, now with a more compact design with removable post for the home gym owner and professionals with limited storage space.  Now in a Matte Finish.

A new, improved version of one of our all-time-best sellers.

Sled and strap 100% American made.

It was true when we released our most popular dragging sled, and it's still true now. If you're not dragging a sled, you're living in the dark ages. From strength to recovery to work capacity and more, this is a simple and cost effective way to improve your performance.

We took the heavy-duty, built-to-last, 35-pound sled you know and love and made a simple change: We made the post detachable.

So what the hell does that do?
•It buys you space. Whether you have a home gym or a professional facility, we know real estate is limited and you want to maximize the bang-for-your-buck of your real estate.
•It buys you time. The detachable post makes weight removal and storage that much faster.
•It buys you versatility. You'll see what we mean very soon...

The features remain the same. The strong steel post can hold multiple Olympic plates and is secured by a heavy duty bolt that will stand the test of time. The 1/4" steel spacers allow for easy removal of plates.

All sleds ship with one heavy duty nylon strap cut with 8" loops. These loops are made to fit through your belt, negating the need for a pulling hardness.

The S4 Compound Sled Dragging Recovery Workout

Forward walking: 50 steps x 4 trips
Backward walking: 50 steps x 4 trips
Front Raise Dragging: 20 raises x 4 sets
Rear Raise Dragging: 20 raises x 4 sets
Ankle Dragging - 50 steps x 2 sets

This sled can be dragged on grass, turf and most concrete and asphalt surfaces. Reasonable scuffing and scratching will occur, both to the sled and the surface. elitefts™ is not liable for any damages incurred to these surfaces or to the sled.

Sled measures 18 x 24 inches. Weight post is ten inches long.

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