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EliteFTS Cambered Yoke Bar

EliteFTS Cambered Yoke Bar

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EliteFTS™ American Cambered Yoke Bar

As you may have noticed, the American Bar line comes straight from our own experimentation in the S4 Compound, and this bar is no different.

After some squat warmups, one of our associate editors asked if anyone has ever squatted with an SS Yoke Bar without the handles or pads. After strange looks were exchanged.. we did exactly that.

Squatting was interesting to say the least.  As you know, the SS Yoke Bar features a glossy finish.. and this glossy finish was terrifying to have on our backs. No amount of chalk in the world could help so we wrapped it with athletic tape.  When we were able to keep the bar in place with copious amounts of tape and chalk.. actually the camber became pretty apparent.  The shorter lever arm definitely messes with you.  After dry heaving and only a little bit of crying we realized that our experimentation had just gotten started.  

Bench pressing proved again to be along the lines of using a cambered bar, however the SS Yoke Bar has a slightly thicker diameter - a good midpoint between a standard bar and a fat bar, and this took some strain off of our wrists. Pressing was about the same difficulty as with a regular rackable cambered bar, but the thickness and wrist comfort was much appreciated, not to mention pretty hard on the triceps.

We quickly realized that deadlifts were actually much more like pin pulls, as the camber adds a little height to the bar. Measured from the ground with a standard 45lb plate on each end, the grip stands 13 1/4" high.  More athletic tape was added and the grip thickness provided a definite challenge that our forearms were not accustomed to.  

At the end of the day we came to the conclusion a cambered yoke bar was a solid bar and just needed a few minor revisions.  The training effects were real and provided an good challenge to tried and true movements.  We decided to make this bar a reality!

The American Cambered Yoke Bar features:

DEEP, SHARP knurling
Cambered ends (exact dimensions as the SS Yoke Bar)
Standard grip-spacing markings
Perfect for:
Bench Pressing
Floor Pressing
JM Pressing
Deadlifts (camber puts this bar at approx. pin pull height - 13 1/4" from the ground with a 45lb plate on each end)
Good mornings
and much more!
NOTE: Spring Collars do not fit or work with any specialty bar. We recommend any collar that screws down onto the bar such as Proloc Collars. The measurement between cambers is 49.5 inches.  This bar weighs 55lbs.  

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