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EliteFTS American Fat Bar

EliteFTS American Fat Bar

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EliteFTS™ American Fat Bar

Most of our bar designs come through necessity, others come through accidents.  This one came through a simple idea and turned out to be wonderfully useful.

Fat Bars. Almost everyone is familiar with them and why they are useful. Some major points:

  • Muscle irradiation- Harder contractions of target muscles due to contractions of smaller supporting muscles.
  • Forearms like steel-braided cable-  Fat bars are hard to handle and will cause your forearms to go into a stabilizing frenzy, making them bigger and stronger.
  • Grip strength- This one is a no-brainer.  Deadlift with a fat bar and your grip strength will undoubtedly skyrocket. 
  • Healthier joints - Wider weight distribution means less wear and tear on your wrists and other joints - shoulders, elbows etc.

However, look at the bars on the market today and what do you see? Fat bars are almost always 45lbs or more.  This limits it's usefulness to those who need it the most for proper athletic development- children and those who are just starting to train!

Well, it's hard to find a material that can hold a knurling that will last yet still be so light.  Lightweight metals often lack a certain level of hardness needed to maintain a strong, dependable knurling that can take years of use and abuse..

However, we figured it out. 

What makes the EliteFTS™ American Fat Bar different? 

  • This bar weighs 24lbs. Read that again. 24 pounds. 
  • DEEP, SHARP, DURABLE knurling
"Training with this fat bar is so strange.  Considering all of my injuries and joint issues, any type of pressing movement causes pain to some degree. However, because this bar is so light.. that weight is basically taken from the middle of the bar and spread out on the ends.  I honestly couldn't tell you why but this bar is more controllable and pressing is pain free." - Dave Tate

NOTE: Spring Collars do not fit or work with any specialty bar. We recommend any collar that screws down onto the bar such as  Proloc Collars.

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