Cerberus Mega Cuff

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Cerberus Mega Cuff


Essential if you have joint pain or Tendonitis

The CERBERUS MEGA CUFF is an extra wide version of our Multi Cuff. It's 13cm wide and provides great coverage for elbows and knees or for applying compression to larger areas like quadriceps/hamstrings.

SUPPORT – Our MEGA Cuff can be worn on almost any body part - forearms, biceps, calves, quads, hamstrings or anywhere extra support is required. Great for proactively preventing injury in any exercise, activity or movement where you experience pain or need an extra level of support and safety. Also makes a great mechanical support mechanism for your elbows & knees due to its extra 13cm coverage.


COMPRESSION – This is perfect if you have joint pain or tendonitis in your elbow or knee. By applying compression to the area it will help to relieve and prevent the pain associated with tendonitis and help prevent potential injury or strain to the muscles of that area. It can also be worn over the area of concern or pain e.g. forearms, elbows, biceps, calves, quads, hamstrings or anywhere needed.


It should fit tightly over the intended body part, we would suggest that you choose one or even two sizes down from your measurement to ensure good compression.

To get your size measure around the area you experience pain or need extra support.

If you plan on wearing the Mega Cuff in different locations (e.g. forearms, elbows, quads or knees) you may want to order two different sizes to get the most accurate and beneficial fit.

All sizes are in inches

Sold as a single unit


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