2 Ply Gateway Squat Suit– Adjustable Straps
2 Ply Gateway Squat Suit– Adjustable Straps

2 Ply Gateway Squat Suit– Adjustable Straps

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Spud Gateway Squat/Deadlift Suit 2 ply
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Spud Gateway Squat Suit 2 ply

As with all Gateways, there is always the next level you weren’t supposed to cross but such is life. Welcome the Gateway 2-Ply Squat Suit. The best-selling Gateway Briefs changed the market as a super light and flexible brief for all-purpose lower body training to protect the hips and legs.

The Gateway Squat Suit can be combined with the Gateway Brief for added hip and leg support or used as a solo training aide for the competitive lifter who wants to train hard and compete but does not want the hassle of the super-tight material that takes forever to get into.

As a former top powerlifter, I am always looking for ways to train hard and get stronger. I understand the need, NOW, for better supportive gear early on in a lifter’s rise to continue getting stronger over the years. I did a lot of raw lifting, as you should, but there were many times the Gateway line would have assisted in my strength phases and helped me to:
1/ Extreme support for the hips and legs
2/ Increase compression and blood flow around joints thereby increasing the volume lifted in each session and greatly influencing recovery time between sessions.
3/ Reduce anxiety and increase confidence levels while training. (Probably the single greatest influence in training and competition.)
4/Increase RAW strength by adding more volume and greater confidence with higher weights and intensity.

With the Squat Suit’s Velcro Straps, you can keep the suit locked in place, increasing the stretch of the material which can add more LBS to lifts. Additionally, the Velcro straps provide more support on the abdominal region and the entire back section creating a more unified Chain in the body during squats, pulls and other lower body lifts. The Gateway line can be used as an introduction to using more sophisticated lifting suits and gear that are usually way too much for the beginner or intermediate lifter. It also accommodates lifters on all stances from narrow to wide.

So whether you’re young in the game or a seasoned veteran looking to add more support, compression, and lbs to your lifts, the Gateway 2-ply  is a great standalone or in combo with the Gateway briefs.

• Small/Medium: 140 lbs – 180 lbs Body Weight
• Large: 180 lbs – 220 lbs Body Weight
• XL: 220 lbs – 260 lbs Body Weight
• 2XL: 260 lbs – 300 lbs Body Weight
• 3XL: 300 lbs – 340 lbs Body Weight

The Gateway 2-ply Suit was intended to add more pop to your lifts and would be similar to the Gateway 1-ply combo brief and suit.  If you are gonna go big and add the 2-ply briefs to the 2-ply suit then going up a size on the suit is recommended. For example, a 2-ply XL brief would be best with the 2-ply 2XL suit. If you are a narrow stance squatter then the 2ply brief/2-ply suit may bind up so keep that in mind.

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