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meet results

Posted by Mike on 8/15/2012 to Day to Day News
Well I did it. The first meet since 2007. I was only allowed to comepte becasue NASA has created a division that allows the use of the Top Squat device. No records are kept it is jsut a way for Masters lifters that can no longer get under a squat bar to compete again.
I ended up with a 473lb squat. I had more in the tank but was not sure how my screwed up back was going to handle it. I had moved my stance it a little a few weeks ago and I have much more pop out of the hole. I need to train the stance for awhile though. On becnh I ended up with 451lbs on my second. I locked out 473lbs but called for a little hitch on the way up. The bar came up so fast that I lost control of it for a second and it dipped slightly. It ws and easy press though. It was a good call.  I only got my opener on my deadlift with a 638lb. I was having grip issues for some reason and could not hold onto 681lbs for my second and 3rd attempt. My total was 1562lbs. I had fun and learned how I need to tweak my training now. I am going to compete in June of next year and hopefully I will get that total up to 1700lbs.
Teale has about 6 weeks of training until IPF Master Worlds. Her training is going great. We are going to put her into the newest tightest Super Katana with the low cut collar next week.
Just a reminder we will not be shipping orders from 8/21-8/27 as we will be on vacation. Online orders can be placed and we will still be providing email support.
We just added Con-Cret creatine to the website. Teale and I have used it for years and swear by it.



Date: 12/4/2012
welcome back to the platform!

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