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Triumph singlets now in stock
The new Titan Triumph singlet is on the way. We should have it in 2-3 weeks.
Wider straps. More trap and front delt coverage. Passive muscle compression. up to 600% stretch for a sure fit. Price is $50. Pre-orders will be available. Legal in all IPF and raw competitions.
We just added Con-cret creatine to the website. Teale and I have used it for years and swear by it.
Just a reminder we will not be shipping orders from 8/21-8/27 as we will be on vacation. Online orders can be placed and we will still be providing email support.
7/26/2012.  Sounds like a broken record I know but I finally got tracking numbers for the Titan knee and elbow sleeves. They will be arriving on 7/28/12 and we will start shipping out all pre-paid order.
We finally got word on Titan knee sleeves. We will be able to start shipping them on July 26th. We have 300 pair coming and will get all the pre-paid orders out on the 26th. We appologize for the delay. We just got a large order of the new Super Katana with the low cut collar. All sizes in stock in black.
Just added Sport Mixer drink bottles. Very cool mixer bottles. Check them out
The new Super Katana's with the low cut collar are going fast. We put a new order in but it will be 2-3 weeks before we get it. Teale is handling weight she never thought she would see with this shirt.
The new Super Katana's with the low cut collar are in stock and shipping now
The new Super Katana with the low cut collar - Formerly the Super Katana Extreme arrives on 6/20/2012.

We just got shipping confimration on the new Super Katana with the low cut collar formerly known as the Super Katana Extreme. The shirt will be in our hands to ship on 6/20/12. This is the same shirt that Titan announced a few months ago it just had to be re-named because of IPF issues. It is IPF legal


We will only be getting shirts in black on our first order. You can order other colors but they will take about 4 weeks to ship.


If you have already pre-ordered one it will ship either 6/20/12 or 6/21/12 and you will get an email notice with tracking information.


We are the first dealer getting our order and you will not be able to buy the shirt directly from Titan until September of this year.

Our first order will go fast so don't wait.

We just added KT Tape to our website. (Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape). I am currently using on both knees due to IT bands pain due to my wide sumo deadlift stance. It really helps the pain in both knees and helps me heal faster. It is great stuff just as good if not better than most physical therapsits use.
We have negotiated new Fedex rates and can now offer much cheaper Fedex shipping around the world. Compare the rates on your next order
05/29/2012 wants to thank you for your patience in waiting for news on the Super Katana Xtreme.


The price of the new shirt will be $235.

We have added them to the website in BLACK only.

Our first order should be arriving in 2-3 weeks and all shirts coming in will be black only. We can order other body colors but the wait time is 3-4 weeks.


Custom shirts will be available for $265 and take 6-8 weeks to ship


Bravo, Brahma and Longhorn belts on sale until June 2nd.
The reward points system is set up. Login to your account and look for the My Rewards section. Then click on redeem to see the options for point redemption. More items to be added over the next month.
Added over 100 Texas belts to stock. All added a huge Titan order with a little of everything. We are well stocked with Titan gear.. Added PolyDac combat ropes to the website.
We have a monster order coming from Titan and will add it to the website on Monday. All sizes of suits and shirts. Over 100 belts of all colors and styles.  No Super Katana Extreme's yet
Titan Power Wash back in stock and ready to ship. We recevied THP 2m knee wraps finally and expect Titanium's next week. No Super Katana Extreme news yet
I just added a lot more Toro Bravo belts in all buckle styles. No longer do you need to wait 4-6 weeks for a Bravo belt. We also have a limited selection of Longhorn belts in stock.
Only about a week left to get a free t-shirt with orders over $100. 
Kilo bands are 10% off until the end of the month. Enter discount code " kilo10" during checkout.
We just got a bunch more Toro Bravo Belts. We are now stocking the the lever version and more colors.
Primo Chalk added to the website. Many new items added to the closeout and bargains page.
I just updated the website with the Longhorn belts that we received. We have all sizes in black and in all 3 buckle types. They ship right away.
Titan Texas 4x4 Training belts in stock now
Longhorn Texas belts in black will be in stock tomorrow
We got word that the Super Katana Extreme should be released within a month. No word on pricing yet. We have about 300 shirts coming and we will be the first dealer getting them in stock. Please email me if you want to be added to a list of lifters to be notified when I have pricing and a date of arrival.  Email me at
Kilo Bands back in stock.
Toro Bravo belts in stock in single and double prong