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Freek Grip Glue

Freek Grip Glue

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Freek Grip Glue


More than just gym chalk, Freek Grip Glue takes the tried and true grip enhancer, magnesium carbonate (traditional chalk), and combines it with a powerful antiperspirant formula to create the ultimate gym chalk. Grip Glue is non-messy, super long-lasting, and outperforms any gym chalk on the market.


  • Antiperspirant - Keep your palms dry for your entire workout with our unique formula
  • Fast Drying - Rub your hands together, then watch the chalk dry in 2-3 seconds
  • No Mess - Most commercial gyms frown on dry chalk because of the clean-up needed. Grip Glue is gym-friendly with no mess
  • Longer Lasting - Our formula bonds to your hands more securely than traditional chalk meaning less time applying chalk, and more time lifting weight
  • Sniff Sniff - Smells great on your hands once dry

How to use: Apply a small amount to your hands and spread evenly (no need to rub your hands together for long!) Allow a few seconds to air-dry. Grab the weight and Unleash the Freek.

35-40 uses per bottle
Proudly Made in the U.S.A.


Traditional Chalk
Made from magnesium carbonate, which is an grip-enhancing substance used for years to dry sweaty hands. However, magnesium carbonate needs to be applied dozens of times during a workout to continue drying out the hands as sweat continues to form, and the chalk layer is worn off.

Grip Glue
Made from a unique antiperspirant blend and combined with magnesium carbonate. The result is a far superior formula that uses magnesium carbonate to dry any existing sweat while the antiperspirant prevents additional sweat production during your workout. For most athletes a single application of Grip Glue liquid chalk will last an entire workout.

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