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About Us

Mike and Teale Adelmann formed in 2004 to provide powerlifters and strength athletes around the world with a one stop shop for the best powerlifting and strength equipment available at the best price. We want you to exceed and increase your personal records in the gym and break records. We hope that we can be a small part of your success.

Mike Adelmann

I started powerlifting in late 1987 with a 1445lb total at 240 lbs bwt and to date have competed in over 90 powerlifting meets with a best total of 2077 lbs at 299lbs bwt. My best lifts are all done in drug tested competition: 827lb squat, 578lb bench press and a 718lb deadlift for a 2077lb total. I have competed in NASA, ADFPA, AAU, USAPL and the USPF.
Some of my other accomplishments are as follows:                                      

2003 NASA Athlete of the year
2002, 2004 NASA Coach of  the year
2001,2002 and 2004 NASA Pure athlete of the year
2008 NASA Hall of Fame Inductee
State and National powerlifting record holder
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
Run and organized over 20 powerlifting meets
National level NASA powerlifting judge
Certified RMSA highland games judge
Competed in over 100 powerlifting meets
Promoted and ran over 20 powerlifting meets
Competed in and ran over 20 strongman contests and highland games
Coached the NASA national powerlifting team to victory 4 times
Rio Rancho High School Powerlifting team coach
Helped dozens of powerlifters and athletes get stronger and faster
Owner of Kilo's Gym - Powerlifting Gym

Teale Adelmann

I've always been active- I started playing softball around middle school age and played into adulthood.  I was never very good at the sport, but I enjoyed the excitement of the game.  During high school I enjoyed cheerleading, Jazz dancing, and gymnastics.  In my senior year of high school I started going to Champions Gym in Albuquerque and became interested in bodybuilding.  It turned out that I enjoy food to much to ever be a bodybuilder, so I just stuck with lifting heavy weight. 
I became involved in powerlifting when I started working out at Cherry's Gym in Rio Rancho.  I noticed a group of guys and one really strong lady working out and she invited me to work out with them. Lisa Siddell encouraged me and in 1996 I entered a NASA powerlifting meet in Alamogordo.  I was a bench only lifter until 2002 when I entered my first full powerlifting meet.
Now I  have
been competing for 11 years  and my best competition lifts are 370lb squat, 271.3lb bench, 355lb deadlift and a 941 lb drug tested total at 121lbs bodyweight.

Here are a few of my accomplishments:

 I am currently ranking in the top 3 for female powerlifter, powersports and female bencher by bodyweight in NASA.
Listed in the top 10 of all time Female Benchers in the 123lb class (all federations) 
2012 IPF Masters 1 World Champion
2010 IPF Bench Press World Championships - Silver Medal
2009 USAPL National Champion
2008 IPF Bench Press World Champion- Gold Medal
2008 USAPL National champion and record holder (271# @ 123bwt)
2003 and 2005 NASA female bencher of the year
2004 NASA Sub Master Female bencher of the year
2004 NASA female referee of the year
2004 and 2005 NASA female athlete of the year
2004 athlete of the month- January- Rio Rancho, NM
2005 NAS Iron Will Strongman Challenge 2nd Place overall
2006 NAS Iron Will Strongman Challenge 1st place
2006 NASA Female Powerlifter of the Year
2006 NASA Powersports sub-masters runner up
2006 NASA Bench Press Winner- Overall division
2007 NASA Natural Nationals Outstanding Lifter
USAPL American Record Holder 271lbs @ 123lb bwt
Owner of Kilo's Gym - Powerlifting Gym
Co-Coached the 2006 NASA Womens team to Victory at the USA NASA Nationals
Aug/Sept. 2005 Issue Monster Muscle's Iron Maiden
A Woman of Power at

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